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As regular visitors to this site know, if you glance over to the right-hand column which accompanies every post, you will find, at the top of that column, a list of the previous ten posts. These are all linked to the URL site of the post specified. If you click on any link, you will be taken to that post.

For reasons still unclear, WordPress, the web facilitator I use to publish these posts, although it allows an option in that same right-hand column to “Search Posts by Topic” (e.g., “Religion,” “Nature,” “Society,” “Truths,” etc.), does not include an option for accessing all of this site’s previous posts in the sequence in which they originally appeared. Hence the need for this Page.

If you scan down the list that follows, you will find all posts listed by number and title in the order, from first to last, in which they appeared. Each is hot-linked to its URL site. Hence, if you wish to read any particular post, all you need do is click on its title. When you do, a small window will open with the title and number of the post highlighted. Click on that highlighted line and you will be brought to the post. To return to the complete  list, click on the back arrow of your browser. A nice feature is that, once you visit a post and return to the list, you will find the post you have just visited indicated by a different color from the rest of the posts on the list. This lets you know that you’ve already reviewed that post, at which point, you can return to it or go on to others.

Any problems, let me know!

Here are the posts:

  1. Every Dawn of Morning (An Introduction to this Site)
  2. The Wondrous Sky
  3. Two Truths
  4. The Great Entail
  5. The Invention of Truth

  6. Tra’s Ruskin
  7. New Year’s Resolutions (Romance and The End of Utopia)
  8. The Importance of Penguins
  9. Reverence
  10. Passing Thoughts

  11. The Duty of Daylight
  12. Late Applause
  13. Unity
  14. The Glad Company
  15. Color is the Type of Love

  16. Spring Inspiration
  17. Earthly Considerations
  18. Desiderata
  19. The Living Inhabitation of the World
  20. Direction

  21. Ruskin’s Art
  22. Greatness in Art and Artists
  23. Education, True (Then, Now)
  24. The Spirit
  25. Making the Flowers Visible

  26. An Infinitude (Three Ruskins, One Dante)
  27. Cooperation and its Lamentable Opposite
  28. A New Year’s Wish in November
  29. The Week Ahead
  30. The Choice

  31. Living Sunshine
  32. The Morning Star
  33. Looking Down from Ingleborough: A New Year’s Resolution
  34. The Good Earth
  35. The Greatness of Ruskin

  36. The Highest First
  37. Mr. Turner
  38. The Laughing Hurries
  39. The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring (Tra La!)
  40. Right

  41. “The Proof a Thing’s being Right”
  42. The Essence of Work
  43. Water
  44. Political Theory
  45. Fiat Voluntas Tua (King Alfred’s Prayer)

  46. And the Message of Fors is Ended
  47. Bound together on a Glacier (Social Security)
  48. Lies
  49. The Queen of the Air
    49a. The Queen of the Air: Some Findings
  50. St. George’s Creed (For Suzanne Varady)

  51. Television
  52. A Book (for Van Akin Burd)
  53. On Reading (Remembering Michael Collins)
  54. Meeting Ruskin
  55. A Classic

  56. Imaginations Beautiful and Monstrous
  57. Taste
  58. Four
  59. The Bag Men
  60. Van’s Maxim

  61. The List
  62. “And if, on Due and Honest Thought Over These Things…” (The Cruelest Man Living)
  63. Infinite Orchards
  64. The Office of the Mountains
  65. Moss

  66. The Laws of Life/The Laws of Death
  67. Exits and High Tides (We Live by Admiration, Hope and Love)
  68. Vital Energy in the Heart
  69. Responsibility to the Union
  70. The Mathematical Necessity of Happiness

  71. Four More
  72. And Another…
  73. The Nobleness of Human Nature (A Post in the Wake of 11/9/2016)
  74. The Opposites (A Second Post in the Wake of 9/11/2016)
  75. The Return of the Penguins!

  76. For Barack Obama in the Last Days of his Presidency
  77. Spirit in the Night
  78. Governance
  79. Work
  80. The Stray Angel (Recollections on Ruskin’s Birthday)

  81. “There is No Wealth but Life”
  82. The Sweet Influences of the Pleiades (A Snippet, in Anticipation of Spring)
  83. The Light of the Heart
  84. Inspiration
  85. The Music

  86. What’s Wrong–and How to Fix it
  87. Halcyon Days
  88. The Walker and the Parcel
  89. The Gift of Imperfect Sight
  90. For Your Consideration

  91. For Your Consideration (2)
  92. Commencing
  93. Limbs of the Mind
  94. The Spirit of Life
  95. Drawing (An Enticement)

  96. All Great Art is Praise
  97. On Architecture (First Thoughts)
  98. On Entering Venice’s Piazza San Marco –with Ruskin
  99. The Little Man and the Dragon
  100. The Master

  101. Aurora’s Gift
  102. A Law
  103. The Fairbanks of Bradford
  104. An Embarrassment of Riches
  105. Some Remarks Pertinent to Posts 103 and 104 and Notice of an Important Conference in the Alps

  106. Getting and Spending (One)
  107. Imperfection (An Interruption)
  108. A New Year’s Reminder
  109. Superstition and Religion (A Post on Sunday)
  110. January 20, 1900: The Ruskin Cross

  111. The Dome of Blue Glass
  112. February 8, 1819: On the Occasion of Ruskin’s 199th Birthday
    112a. Charles Augustus Schumacher (who loved birds and flowers but apparently never wore his hat)
  113. Later
  114. The Value of My Work
  115. The Ruskin Compendia

  116. Sure Good
  117. The Commandment
  118. “The Effeminate Sentimentality of Ruskin?
  119. The Choice to Better
  120. Geniuses

121: The Old Road
122: Education, True (2)
123: Summer Shakespeare
124: Freedom: Slavery: Use: Virtue
125: The Reason for War (Thieves, who also happen to be Fools)

126: The Wonder of the Risen Earth
127: Curiosity
128: The Roots of Honor (A Talk)
129: The King of the Golden River (A Story)
130: The King of the Golden River (A Composition for Tenor and String Quartet)

131: “Flowers are for Joy!”
132: A Boy’s View of Warwick Castle
133: Real Kings
134: On the Old Road (II): The Rhone at Geneva
135: The Gods

136: Banishing the Gods
137: For Your Consideration (3)
138: John Ruskin at 200
139: The Kindly Veil
140: January 20, 1900: A Ruskin Eulogy

141: The Path of the Heart
142: February 8, 1819: On the Occasion of Ruskin’s 200th Birthday
143: Buying and Selling: Moral Matters
144: The Deadly Nightshade and the Wealth of Nations
145: Failing

146: The Imagination Weariable (Part One)
147: The Imagination Weariable (Part Two)
148: To Make the Flowers Visible
149: The Gift of Notre-Dame
150: Tahitian Sunset

151: Involuntary Fellowships
152: The Glorious Bow (and other nautical wonders)
152a: “Boats to Build”
153: Ruskin on Trusting Ruskin
154: The Namean Lion
155: Prophylactics

156: The Purpose of Fors
156a: What Maisie Knew
157: Very Little Things
158: The Poem that Took the Shape of a Mountain
159: Recomposing the Pines
160: Trading Carefully (or not)

161: Lying
Note: The Dedication of The Van Akin Burd Library at Brantwood
162: George Sampson’s Assessment
163: On Being Ready to Sing
164: A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished
165: Light and Dark

166: The Roof
167: Enough (Already!)
168: John Ruskin at 200 (II)
169: Unto this Last: The Power of a Parable
170: January 20, 1900: The Night Cometh
170a: Mr. Collingwood on Ruskin’s Passing

171: The Cathedrals of the Earth
172: The Erratic (For Mr. Ruskin on the occasion of his 201st Birthday)
173: Ribands, Grass, and Seaweed
174: On Reading the Bible (If You’ve a Mind)
175: Guests

176: Crocuses!
177: “And She Put the Sun in her Pocket!” (or, How Falling in Love Really Happens)
178: The Wisdom of Life
179: The Amazing Adventures of the Astonishing Cypripendium Reginae
180: The Lovely Lady of Lyons

181: The Quality of the Work: The (Hidden) Lessons of Lyons
Announcement: New Page: “Ruskin’s Life: A Radical Revision”
NEW PAGE: Ruskin’s Life: A Radical Revision
182: The Gift of Art
183: Reading Ruskin Recently
184: “And So Sanctifying Wealth into Commonwealth”
185: How to Learn [Or, Discovering the (hitherto unsuspected) Connections between Ruskin’s Publisher, George Allen, Little Agnes Stalker, and those very Mysterious Bees]

186: How to Read (Or, Milton and Ruskin meet the Bishops
187: The Despisings (Or, The Not Altogether Pleasant Consequences of Not Reading)
188: Mighty of Heart, Mighty of Mind: Magnanimous
189: “One of the Loveliest Scenes in England–and, therefore, the World.”
190: For the Weekend…Beauty!

191: Dame Wiggins of Lee and her Seven Wonderful Cats: A Humorous Tale written principally by a Lady of Ninety!
192: The Living Surround
193: Glass Pockets
194: Ruskin in Sri Lanka: Stories and Reflections in Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 151st Birthday
195: The Architect’s Gift

196: Falling
197: Affairs of the Master (Some Fallout from Glass Pocketing)
198: Thinking with the Heart
199: Ruskin is 202 Today! The Story of his “Sacred Sister”– Francesca Alexander (PART ONE).
200: The Law of Help

201: Property, a Primer
202: The Birth of Fors Clavigera
203: “Fors” “Clavigera”
204: Nuggets
205: “The White Thorn Blossom,” FORS CLAVIGERA, LETTER 5

206: Ruskin’s God
207: Every Inch a Miracle
208: Indelible
209: Gather a Single Blade of Grass
210: “All Things Must Pass”

211: On Living (Happily) in Ignorance
212: light and dark
213: Henry Atwell Ruskin
214: Christmas, 1883 (Invocation)
214a: Absent Pictures ?

215: Welcome to 2022: A New Year’s Cogitation
216: Ovations
217: Doing Unto Others
218: Happy 203rd Birthday, Mr. Ruskin!!
219: Remembering a Passing
219a: Correcting an Error

220: Updating Post 115 (“The Ruskin Compendia”) and a few Reminders
221: Recollections
222: Water
223: Seeing: Ruskin’s Genius, for Spring!!
224; Epiphany!! (the fons et origo)
225: This Vital Energy: Properly called LIFE

226: The Imagination Associative
227: The Imagination Penetrative
228: Freedom (Or: Attending to Some Lessons taught by Flies and Dogs)
229: More Freedom (Or–and Perhaps Better–LESS Freedom)
230: Reverence for Life

231: Sure Good
232: Falling Flowers
233: The Choice

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  1. robccowan says:

    Delighted to be here. What a great resource! Just finished Andrew Hill’s superb Ruskinland, for me the ideal entry point to Ruskin’s world (and I don’t exclude Tim Hilton’s epic biog). Just in case anyone’s interested I contributed a Ruskin piece to my own blog Rob’s Retro Classical at

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