164: A Consumation Devoutly to be Wished


We are racing quickly toward Black Friday and the pocket-emptying weeks that follow it. In which frame, I thought you might appreciate these few words from the master. They come from his lecture of 1851 wherein he praised the works of the then-lambasted group of young artists who called themselves Pre-Raphaelites. (Actually, his support of them, his influence being so great at the time, raised them to not only a new level of respectiability in the art world, but fame. But that is a story for another time.) Here’s the bit I liked (another demonstration, I don’t want to miss noting, of why reading Ruskin always bestows a surprise):

I do not see why courtesy, and gravity, and sympathy with the feelings of others, and courage, and truth, and piety, and what else goes to make up…character, should not be found behind a counter, as elsewhere, if they were demanded–or even hoped for–there.

Until next time.

Be well out there.



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