41: TRA: “The Proof a Thing’s being Right”


Here’s a lovely response–from Viet Nam–to our last posted bit of Mr. Ruskin’s wisdom. Those of you who have been following this site since its inception will recall Tra’s lovely visual rendering of an earlier Ruskin thought (# 6; reacting to #5). Well, #40 has, happily, hit a similarly inventive chord. As you can see, Tra has put her finger on the truth of the matter perfectly!

A Thing's Being Right (Tra To)

We should start a collection of such fine reactions! 🙂

In which frame, let’s make this post also serve as an invitation to any others of you out there who have favorite Ruskin quotes you’d like to see on this site. Or, if not quotes, you might send along some “Ruskin Sightings” (as my dear friend, Charlotte Hegyi, like to call them): notable references to our great subject which you discover in the press, in books you read, on the web, and the like; sightings which, to you, are proof of that thing’s being right, because it has power over your heart, or because it excites, wins, or helps you. Let it do the same for us.

In the meantime, enjoy these welcome Spring days as they continue to wend their still fresh way toward Summer!



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1 Response to 41: TRA: “The Proof a Thing’s being Right”

  1. Clive Wilmer says:

    Some treasures are heavy with human tears, as an ill-stored harvest with untimely rain; and some gold is brighter in sunshine than it is in substance.
    Unto this Last

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