90: FYC

Good Folks,

Below’s a sentence from that (still!) neglected masterpiece I mentioned a couple of weeks back, The Eagle’s Nest. Like the passage used there (#87), it comes from a lecture Ruskin gave at Oxford which he called “The Story of the Halcyon.”

I offer it FYC: “For Your Consideration.” I’ve never much liked FYI (“For Your Information” or “For Your Interest”) as an abbreviation because of its implication that the recipient of such a flag may or may not be intrigued by what has been received. But, in this case, especially since the sentence expresses a thought Ruskin considered important enough to say clearly and forcefully to those who had come to hear him, it would seem that some concentrated thought on its meaning and implications for our overtaxed days might be more appropriate. And so, FYC, here it is:

[R]eading and writing are in no sense education unless they contribute to this end of making us feel kindly toward all creatures.

Be well out there!



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