131: “Flowers are for Joy!”

That’s it–and enough. I recently read it as rendered, but can’t remember where. No matter, he said it, and absolutely meant it! 🙂

For verification, here’s a few of today’s reds and vermillions–for today, for joy as summer wanes, and for remembering when Fall falls. Only one of these images is Ruskin’s–his study of wild roses–and he would immediately say that it is, at best, a rank imitation!


Porch Flowers 3--1 Sept 18

Ruskin--Study of Wild Roses--1871--Ashmolean




The cliche, of course, is that we should take time to stop and smell the (wild) roses. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop and have a good look at them too. Mr. Ruskin did. So did Georgia O’Keeffe.

Until next time!

Find joy out there, it’s just waiting for our glance.


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3 Responses to 131: “Flowers are for Joy!”

  1. Michelle Lovric says:

    What beautiful colours you have chosen for your garden, Jim!

  2. jimspates says:

    Thanks for your good responses, folks. I was actually instructed to put up this post. I look at these lovely flowers every day as I read and they bring me joy. So, I think they just got a bit fed up with the fact that I hadn’t shared their lovelinesses. Yesterday morning I was quite sure I heard them saying, collectively, something like: “You know, Jim, t’s September, and our time is growing short. We have a lot to share, and we certainly would like to do that while we can. So why don’t you do that for us? Mr. Ruskin would approve.” Thus importuned, who was I not to obey?

    Thanks, Charles, for the link to the very recent Guardian article on JR. It’s very good. I hope everyone gives it a read.


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