111: The Dome of Blue Glass

[O]ur life, when healthy, is a balanced state between a childish submission to [Nature’s] deceits and a faithful and reverent investigation of her laws. We are to live happily, like children, under a dome of blue glass, with pretty glittering gems in it, that rise and set. And we are also to know, like grown men–and to endure in humility–the sorrowful knowledge that the dome is immeasurable, and that we, and all our lives, and all our nearest worlds, are the servents and satellites of one vague speck in its luminous infinitude.

Prosperpina, from the chapter, “On the Caprice of Flowers,” last paragraph (1886)

Until next time.

Be well out there!



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2 Responses to 111: The Dome of Blue Glass

  1. genevacitycouncil says:


  2. Michelle Lovric says:

    thank you from London, where we had a gem-glittering sunrise under a pale blue dome this morning, just as described. x Michelle

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