Note: Kateri Ewing’s Drawing Book now Available

Good Folk,

Many of you will remember the posts ( #95#96 ) where, oh so gently, I suggested (following Mr. Ruskin’s sage advice of course!) that we should all try our hand at drawing, along with his coincident promise that, should we do this, we would almost immediately begin to see the world in a new light, register subtleties earlier missed,  find beauties before overlooked, and experience delights the likes of which we had never had while still living in the cocoon of those who never picked up a pencil to draw something.

But those were suggestions, however persuasive they may have been. Now a paper guide is available to help us all learn to draw whether we are still contemplating that fine possibility or are already walking, however hesitatingly, down that fulsome road.

That guide, more specifically, is Kateri Ewing’s new book, specifically designed to assist anyone in learning how to look closer and draw better. In the earlier posts, it will be remembered, I used Kateri as a prime example of someone who, before, had never drawn, but who, after reading Ruskin’s The Elements of Drawing, began to do so, with, in due course, spectacular results. In the book, she walks you through all the steps you need to take to begin to get good results for yourself, while gathering, as noted above, all the sweet benefits mentioned above. Lastly, just in case you’ve forgotten the results Kateri has been getting as a consequence of her own “I never drew before but I’m willing to give it a real try” choice, have a look at her “White Shed and Field” (below) and then compliment that with a careful study at the reproductions of some of her other drawings on the cover page of her lovely and important book:

Kateri Ewing--White Shed and Field

Kateri Ewing: Look Closer, Draw Better

Draw well out there!



P.S.: If you would like to get in touch directly with Kateri, she can be reached at

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