Announcements (Two)


(1) A number of you have responded to recent posts in detail and at length. For which, of course, many thanks! Two and a half millennia ago Plato and his elegant and erudite companions taught us the value of dialogue in vital matters of the mind and, for this reason, your responses contribute mightily to the goal of this website–to not only inform its readers of how important Ruskin and his thought continue to be in this age, but to debate those ideas, such exchanges helping all of us refine and progress in our own thinking. (Ruskin’s not always right–only the vast majority of the time! 🙂 )

In light of which concern for exchange, I’ve learned–to my frustration!–that, given how WordPress is presently structured, when you comment on a post and, later, someone else responds to it, you are not automatically informed that the response exists. Which ignorance is definitely not in the interest of continuing dialogue!

That said, a “sort of” solution exists. My WordPress technomavens here at Hobart and William Smith Colleges have altered me to the following procedure.

When you decide that you wish to comment, click on the “Leave a Reply” box which lies below the Post. When you do that, beneath the box where you will write your remarks, two other boxes will appear. On the right is a “Post Comment” box. That you click when you are ready to have the rest of us read your thoughts. On the left (something I’ve overlooked until now–apologies!) you will find another box which says “Notify Me of New Comments by email.” If you click on the mini-box to the left of that remark, WordPress should let you know when someone has responded to your comments. That should help keep the chat going! Let’s try using this procedure to see if it works!

2) At any point, do remember that I am happy to receive any and all suggestions you may have about the site, about how it might be improved, about those Ruskin quotes which you think I have seriously remiss in not posting, whatever else! The best way to make such suggestions is to send me an email at





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