ANNOUNCEMENT: Post 19: Comments and a Rejoinder (24 July 2014)


As it has turned out, there have been a number of responses (and one reply by myself) to our penultimate post, the 19th, “The Living Inhabitation of the World.”  You may find these of interest and, if so, wish to comment in some manner yourself. For that matter, you are most welcome to “Leave a Comment” for any post which arrives in your in-box in the days and weeks yet to come. It is also possible to “back” comment should you so wish–that is, to add “Comments” to much earlier posts. I am notified whenever a “Comment” is sent to the site and can easily let people know of its existence (as I am doing here). In any event, I want to underscore (!) my desire to make such discussion part of this site. Ruskin is nothing if not thought-provoking and debatable. Responding to posts that mean something important to you, whether that import is of a positive or negative sort, could start more significant thought and debate going, become, in short, the seeds for fine trees of vital words. Igdrasils.

If you want to read over the comments to Post 19, move your cursor to the right hand side of this page to the column where you will find a list of the “Last Five Posts.” Then drop down to “19: The Living Inhabitation of the World” and click. It will open the original quote. If you scroll past that original, near the bottom of the page you’ll find the “Comments” which have been posted in the sequence of their submission (one today!). Have fun.



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