ANNOUNCEMENT, 18 July 2014: “A Ruskin Calendar”


I would like to alert you to a new Page on the website. “A Ruskin Calendar” has just been uploaded. It can be found underneath the banner of pictures at the top of this page on the far right. A click on the name should take you there.

Although I am just beginning work on the page, my intent–before much more time has passed–is to have an on-going, changing list of Ruskin-related events for you to consider. Such events, whether they are conferences, lectures, art exhibits,or something other, are regularly occurring in both the UK and North America, and, if I do my job properly, noting them on the calendar will give the information or contacts you would need if you choose to attend. To access that information for any given event simply left click on the event and the information will appear in a box. Only one event is now listed, the wonderful show of some of Ruskin’s greatest art currently on display in Edinburgh. It is not to be missed if you can get there!

If you know of any such events which you think ought to be on the calendar, please send me an e-mail (address on the right column of this page).

More events posting soon.

Hope you are having a wonderful day out there wherever you are!



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